1. The International Piano Competition "Kyiv" is opened to pianists of all nationalities from 16 till 32 years old

2. Candidates must send their Application form, duly filled in, before September 15th 2019 via e-mail to the Competition Administration Office, enclosing the following documents:

- Copy of the identification document
- 1 size photo
- Curriculum Vitae in English

- Payment of 100 € (euro) for the senior category

Application form
APPLY NOW for the International Piano Competition "Kyiv"
Application Form 2019.pdf
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3. Candidates will not be admitted to the contest without the payment of the entrance fee. This sum will not be reimbursed for any reason.

4. During the registration at the competition venue, candidates will have to show documents proving their identity to the administration.

5. The jury’s decisions are final and irrevocable.

6. The jury can decide not to give any reward if they think no candidate is worthy.

7. The performances are to be given by heart.

8.The competition includes following rounds:

- a preliminary round

- a semi-final
- a final round with orchestra


All performances are open to the public.

9. The winners will play free in the award giving concert. A possible refusal will involve the cancellation of the award.

10. In case of radio or television productions or tape and/or video recordings of the rounds, the participating candidates have no right to advance claims or financial request towards producers or transmitters.

11. Competition Program

Preliminary Round:
1. Prelude and Fugue from a Well-Tempered Clavier by J. S. Bach (1st or 2nd Book)

2. First movement of a Sonata by J. Haydn, L.v. Beethoven or W. A. Mozart

3. Two virtuous etudes by F. Chopin, F. Liszt, S. Rachmaninov, A. Scriabin or Cl. Debussy

The maximum duration of the preliminary round is 25 minutes.


Semi-Final Round:
1. Second and Third (4) movements of a Sonata by J. Haydn, L.v. Beethoven or W. A. Mozart

(this may be the same sonata, performed in the preliminary round)
2. One or several works by F. Chopin, R. Schumann, F. Schubert, F. Liszt, J. Brahms, Cl. Debussy or M. Ravel

3. A piece composed between 1900 and 1949

The maximum duration of the final round is 45-50 minutes.

Final Round with Orchestra:
A Concert for Piano and Orchestra chosen among the following ones:

W.A. Mozart: Concerto KV 466; KV 467; KV 488; KV 491

L.v. Beethoven: Any of 5 Concertos

F. Mendelssohn: Piano Concerto No.1

F. Chopin: 1st or 2nd Concerto

R. Schumann: Concerto a-minor, Op.54

F. Liszt: 1st Piano Concerto

J. Brahms: 1st or 2nd Concerto

C. Saint-Saens: 2nd Concerto

P. Tchaikovsky: 1st Piano Concerto

M. Ravel: Concerto G-Major

S. Rachmaninov: 1st (2nd edition), 2nd, 3rd Concerto; Rhapsody on a Paganini’s Theme

S. Prokofiev: 1st, 2nd or 3rd Concerto


12. Competition Schedule


* 26. October 2019 | 16.00 till 18.00 - Registration of the candidates

* 26. October 2019 | 18.30 -  the draw of order of performances* 27. October 2019 - rehearsals in the competition hall

* 28.- 30. October 2019 - Preliminary Round
Maximum 12 candidates will be admitted to the Semi-Final Round
* 31. October - 01. November 2019 - Semi-Final Round

Maximum 3 candidates will be admitted to the Final Round
* 03. November 2019 - Final Round / Award Ceremony

13. Competition Prizes will be awarded in the ukrainian national currency accordingly to the Ukrainian
National Bank's exchange rate on the 3rd November 2019.

14. Participation at the competition implies the tacit consent of the above.

15. If there is a dispute about the interpretation of the regulations, the valid text will be the English one.


16. The competition provides following accommodation possibilities for for candidates during the competition term:

- 4**** Hotel "Ukraine" (Rates of the website of the hotel:

There is a possibility of a 10% to 20% discount for a stay at the Hotel "Ukraine".

For more details, please contact the competition office.


The Competition will be held at the Lysenko-Special Music School ,

Parkovо-Syretska St. 4, Kyiv

The Final Round of the Senior Category will be held at the Great Hall of the National Philharmony ,

Volodymyrsky uzviz 2, Kyiv


The Final Round of the Senior Category will be accompanied by the NSO of Ukraine, lead by its Chief Conductor Volodymyr Sirenko



Competition Administration:
Anna Vasko  |  Anna Rakhmanova | Sergei Riabov

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